7-year-old Boy Wins the ASPCA Award for Rescuing More Than 1,300 Dogs from Shelters

Sometimes the youngest people can surprise us with their kindness and their heroism.

7-Year-Old Wins ASPCA Kid of the Year After Rescuing More Than ...
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The story started when young Roman McConn, who was 4 at the time, and his mother visited a shelter to get themselves a dog, but how could this kind boy choose only one canine when there are a lot who need help.

Seeing that many dogs who were in need of a home broke the little boy’s heart, but he was too young, what could he possibly do to make things better?
But he proved to us that his age didn’t mean a thing and he truly made a change for the canines with the help of his mom, who always supported him and said she would never limit her son’s dreams.

When he saw all those dogs there he kept asking his mom why they were all there abandoned and they don’t have loving homes, Jen the mom couldn’t even answer most of the questions herself.

When Jen and Roman decided on one dog to adopt they called her Luna, but the kind boy couldn’t stop thinking for the rest of the other animals, he was so pure he told his mom he came up with an idea to help them.

The mom was eager to listen to his solution that sounded simple that was complicated: he suggested that they find homes for these poor pooches, everyone wants that of course but pure Roman was too young to understand that isn’t an easy thing.

Seeing how much he wanted to help, Jen decided to send him to the shelter so he could spend time with the dogs and feel he was useful.


And as the time passed by they came up with an amazing idea to start a project that would attract more attention that they hoped for.

Sweet Roman apart from playing with the dogs he read to them as well.

While he read to the dogs Jen took videos and then highlighted interesting points about each canine, so possible adopters can see what they wanted to choose at their new pet.

One of the videos features Roman and a sweet pooch named Saddie. The lovely boy could be heard saying, “She’s super shy and she hasn’t been trained to walk on a leash, so her new owner needs to be really patient.” Needless to say, people found these videos beyond sweet.

“I can tell you [Sadie’s] super sweet,” he continued. “But she really needs to be trained to walk on a leash [so she can] be a happy dog like all the other dogs.”

They continued to make sweet videos but in 2016 they came across one problem, the dad of Roman was a navy and he had to relocate overseas so the young boy and his mom had to move to Washington DC, this meant they wouldn’t be able to visit the Texas high-kill shelter and continue helping the animals.

Many people would give up after moving but Jen and her son even from far away decided to continue helping and they thought that it would be amazing helping dogs of shelter finding their new homes in Washington.

“The world for a dog, generally speaking,” she said, “was so much better up here in Washington than down there in Texas…People take them hiking and there’s stuff to do.”

First Jen said she would start an Underground Railroad, which was a transportation network that transported slaves from captivity to free states in the 19th century, she was joking here of course but then she came to realize that isn’t a bad idea if she could make it work.

So mom and son soon started the Project Freedom Ride with bringing around 31 dogs from the Texas high-kill shelter to loving homes in Washington.

Of course, this was possible because of Roman’s cute videos.

It seems impossible but Jen and Roman helped 1,050 dogs get their happy ending by 2018. Speaking of their work, she wrote on Instagram, “Roman has literally become the lifeblood of Project Freedom Ride.”

As for the pure boy he says: “It makes me feel happy saving all these dogs. But it doesn’t just make me happy, I’m sure it makes all the dogs happy.”

Everyone loves and appreciates the work that these kind duo are doing, and we are grateful for these kinds of people.