73-year-old blind and deaf elephant is finally rescued, cries real tears when she’s free

We have a lot of people on earth that still think animals are not capable of feeling emotions, so we wish those doubtful people would see the beloved shared video and we are sure their opinion would change.

Old Blind And Deaf Elephant Is Finally Rescued, Cries Real Tears ...

The sharing footage shows the emotional rescue of an elephant who lived most of his life in captivity, being locked in a cage and never getting a taste of freedom.

Now the 73 year old elephant named Sook-Jai spent his whole life as an attraction to the tourists in the area.

But he was finally saved thanks to the Save Elephant Foundation, and now is sent to an elephant sanctuary where she can now live freely.

The reaction of this majestic animal while she tastes the freedom for the first time is so touching.

I am sure people will change their opinion on animal’s feelings after this video.

What do you think now ?