80-Year-Old Tortoise Becomes A First-Time Mom

A 85 year old tortoise named Nigrita who lives at a Zurich zoo in Switzerland, she also is doing a big difference for her own endangered species.

The tortoise laid her first eggs this year, many species don’t get to live this long and let alone give birth, but this is normal for the tortoises.

Tortoises in fact don’t start reproducing until the age of 40.

The tortoises from Galapagos are known as the longest living animals on earth, by standards of tortoises Nigrita is in her prime.

The tortoises of Galapagos are known to live 150 years, still there are not much of them left. The species is endangered due to hungry predators and greedy humans.

Nigrita is a participant in a breeding program at the zoo, and it’s up to ones like her to ensure the survival of her species.

We hope no other species will be endangered ever because of us humans.