After their owner passed away, they were thrown out to the streets and became homeless

Three dogs named Ricky, Fred and Ethel always have been loved and pampered dogs, but after their owner passed away suddenly everything changed overnight.

Source: HopeForPaws/Rumble

Neq homeowners didn’t want to keep the dogs around but instead of sending them to a shelter they threw them cruelly out on the streets.

Poor dogs lurked around the streets for 18 months and cried when they remembered the love of their dad.

One day a concerned passerby contacted Hope For Paws and informed them of these poor trio.

The moment when the rescue group “Hope For Paws” heard the news about the now homeless dogs, they immediately agreed to help. When they arrived in the neighborhood, they were sad to see that the once clean and healthy dogs were roaming around and barely feeding themselves and now living in the streets.

Source: HopeForPaws/Rumble

One of the dogs, Fred, was lurking around his old home hoping to see his dear owner. He didn’t want to leave his home so he put up a fight with the rescuers. After some time the little Fred gave in once he realized that the rescuers were there to save him and his friends too.

After some time, Ricky and Ethel were found nearby searching for food. Later, they were rescued too. The three dogs were sent to a shelter, where they found the warmth and comfortable feeling of sitting on a couch for the first time in months.

They all have been placed under foster care. And now they look after each other closely and still hope for a better life with their new family with love to the fullest and treats to infinity.

Rescuers have updated after some time and shared the good news that three dogs eventually got adopted and found their forever homes.

Source : Youtube/Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel