Blind And Sick Stray Kitten Cries For Help But Everyone Ignores Her, Until A Caring Human Comes To Save Her

A poor sick and blind stray cat could be heard crying in an apartment building in Bulgaria.

The poor sick feline was in desperate need of help, but all the people that could hear her kept ignoring her plea for help.

The cat was left crying until Dessy and Stoyan came across.

The couple love animals and constantly look to help stray cats who need saving around their neighbourhood, the kind couple hope one day they will be able to open their own shelter.

When they came across the scared and blind kitten they were terrified how no one did anything to help this poor soul.

The feline was so tiny, helpless and scared and its little belly was painfully distended.

Due to a nasty infection the kitten’s eyes were completely shut, leaving her to struggle without eyesight.

The little feline kept crying so Dessy took her in her arms gently and brought her to a vet.

Sweet soul was so happy that her pain was coming to an end she immediately fell asleep on the woman’s arm after she got picked up and only woke up when they reached the vet.

The couple made sure the cat received all the medical help she needed including the shots.

The vet also cleared her with the eye infection, now her eyes are partially open and she can see the world again.

The cat is now staying with Dessy and Stoyan, they are trying to do everything to make this sweet soul comfy and happy.

The cat is growing up now and always will stay thankful to the couple that helped her.

Stoyan and Dessy hope that one day they will be able to open a shelter of their own, meanwhile they pay for everything from their own money and through donations.

We hope their dream will come true.