Brave man smashes window to save dog trapped in boiling hot car

Summer is just around the corner and all of us can’t wait to enjoy warm days but we should also remember that the heat comes with a lot of dangers especially for pets.

We have heard a lot of stories where careless owners left their dogs inside their cars during extremely hot weather.

Brave man smashes window to save dog trapped in boiling hot car ...

The summer is still not here and we already have come across one such story, but luckily for the puppy trapped inside a brave man took the matter on his hand and saved him.

Zoey Thornton took her mom shopping at a local mall in Swansea, UK when she noticed that a group of people were gathered around a car in the parking lot because a poor dog was trapped inside.

They were all afraid about the pooches life since the temperature was high and the parking staff couldn’t find the owner for more than half an hour now.

The people there decided to call the police, but then a young man approached the scene and decided to take the matter in his hands, without losing any time the man smashed the car window and took the puppy out.

“It was a very hot day and a dog apparently was left inside a car,” Zoey Thornton told The Dodo. “The man that stepped up was very brave to do what he did to save the dog. We were all so happy and relieved he got her out before anything more serious happened.” As about the careless owners, the woman hopes “they’ve learnt a lesson and don’t do it again.”

When the cops showed at the scene they issued a warning for the careless owners.

In many US states law allows firefighters and police to break into people’s cars to save an innocent animal, but even with the law there are several things a rescuer should consider before taking action.

Make a reasonable effort to locate the driver of the motor vehicle prior to entry
Take reasonable steps to ensure or restore the well-being of the dog or cat
Use no more force than necessary under the circumstances to enter the motor vehicle

Have a reasonable belief that the dog or cat is in imminent danger of suffering harm if not immediately removed from the motor vehicle

Leave notice on or in the motor vehicle stating the reason entry was made, the name of the person and of the person’s employer, a telephone number and, if possible, the location where the dog or cat may be retrieved.

We hope we won’t come across these stories often.

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