Cat Momma And Her Kitten Cling To Each Other After Being Rescued From The Streets And Refuse To Let Go

A sweet cat mother and her little kitten have experienced many hardships together, but their big love for each other made their difficulties easier, and for the duo finally things are starting to look up.

The Kitten Agent

The cat mother named Rosa was living as a stray with her two kittens on Los Angeles streets before she got rescued.

Rosa was noticed roaming around the streets a lot of times before she got rescued, since the poor cat was afraid of humans and it took time to get to her.

But according to Love Meow, a local animal rescuer, Chris finally managed to capture the mother along with her two kittens with the help of the rescue center Wrenn Rescues, the little family was placed in a foster home.

Jen Marder, a volunteer from Wrenn Rescues, agreed to foster Rosa and her kittens.

The woman took great care of the feline family, and tried to make Rosa less afraid of humans and show her that her little ones were finally safe.

But even with Marders efforts things got off to a heart-breaking start, since only two weeks after moving in the little kitten passed away.

The poor feline was too small and fragile that even after receiving the medication it was impossible to be saved.

The cat mother was sad but instead of giving up hope she decided to put all her love and energy into keeping her remaining kitten, King, safe and loved.

Under his mother’s love and care little King thrived, he became stronger and bigger and turned into a charismatic cat.

Rosa was so dedicated to her little one that sometimes she even forgot to feed herself but luckily Marder made sure to bring her water and food.

While King was growing Rosa also gained confidence and now she enjoyed being in human company, the duo now are inseparable.

“It is one of the sweetest bonds between mama and baby that I have ever seen,” Marder told Love Meow.

The cat mother and her little kitten now are looking for a forever home and pray they will get adopted together.