Cat Was Dropped Off At Shelter For Being Too Clingy, Finally Finds A Loving Family And A Lap To Sit On

Jacque is a sweet cat that adores cuddling, she is a typical velcro cat.

 Michigan Cat Rescue

To most of us having a cat that adores usand shows us affection is a dream but sadly the family of Jacque didn’t feel the same.

The poor cat was surrendered to the Michigan Cat Rescue shelter when he was three years old, because the owner was tired of the pets’ clingy nature.

The owner confessed that he was tired of his cat’s affectionate nature and wasn’t able to give him the attention he needed so it was best for the cat to stay at the shelter.

Michigan Cat Rescue

The poor cat was so sad and confused at first from losing his home and family, but soon got used to his new situation and wooed everyone at the shelter.

No one was able to resist the sweet nature of the cat and his sweet cuddles.

The staff of Michigan Cat Rescue knew they needed to find a suitable home for this sweet cat, the feline deserved someone that would feel blessed with his love and wouldn’t think he is clingy at all.

In order to help Jacque the shelter shared his picture on Facebook along with the reason why he was abandoned.

Michigan Cat Rescue

After, thousands of people commented and liked the post and wished that he finds a forever home.

The cat stole thousands of hearts but only one family had enough luck to adopt him.

Liz knew the cat was meant to be part of their family the moment she saw his picture, and after they applied for adoption they got the amazing news that sweet Jacque will be the new member of their family.

When the cat met his new family he felt that he belonged with them and immediately cuddled to his new dad looking happy.

Michigan Cat Rescue

The new family is more than happy to also give him the love he needs.

“He is a great cat who needed the right home and a second chance,” a member of Michigan Cat Rescue told Love Meow.

Michigan Cat Rescue

Now the sweet feline never had to feel unwanted or labeled clingy ever again.