Family Waits Outside For 27 Hours To Adopt Dog With A Heart On Her Chest

Some people wish to find their dream pet and when an Oklahoma family found theirs at their local shelter they did everything to take him and took care that no one would “snatch” it before them, so they camped outside the shelter.

Family Camps Outside An Animal Shelter For 27 Hours To Adopt A Dog ...
Source: Facebook

The pooch they fell in love with it’s truly beautiful with some gorgeous markings so it’s not a surprise she has people wanting her.

The huge amount of people wanting to adopt the dog made the story go viral.

Broken Arrow Animal Shelter shared the picture of a collie that had a black heart on her chest, the Facebook post went viral immediately having over 27,000 shares, reports Fox23 News.

The shelter usually shares pictures of their animals that are up for adoption but they never attracted this much attention.

Family Waits for 27 Hours to Adopt Dog with Heart-Shaped Patch of ...
Source: Facebook

More than hundred people offered to adopt the unique dog, but since the adoption was on a ‘first come first served’ basis, one family knew they had to do everything they could so the pooch became theirs.

So 27 hours before the adoption was due to open the family drove to the shelter and set up a camp right outside.

On the website of the shelter its explained that stray animal’s have to stay on the shelter 5 days after they arrive before they get up for adoption and we are sure for the impatient family that feels like forever.

The day came and the family that camped outside were the first ones outside the door as staff opened up the shelter for the day.

Ryan Pendleton with family took home their new furry and named her Luna. Aah, how amazing! In a post on  Facebook, the shelter said:

‘This precious baby girl has touched the hearts of people around the U.S and we are happy to announce that she has found her new furever home!!! Thank you to everyone that has shared our post.’

Source: Facebook

Users expressed their joy on the comment sections:

One said: ‘I wish we could see more happy endings like this.’

Another person added:

‘So glad she has a new happy home.’

We are so happy for both the family and the beautiful dog we wish them long years of happiness.

Source: Fox23 News, Broken Arrow Animal Shelter