Firefighters Plunge Into Burning House & Pull Out 6 Dogs, But One Dog Collapses

After receiving an emergency call about a house fire in Washington the “DC Fire and EMS” firefighters immediately ran to the scene.

Source: @dcfireems/Twitter

When they approached the scene the 4 residents of the building had managed to escape the fire but their 6 dogs were stuck inside.

The firefighters immediately got inside the flames to locate and save the dogs even though extreme smoke and the clutter in the house impaired their visibility, the firefighters managed to pull out 5 canines one by one.

But they were having difficulty locating the 6th one, when they finally found him he was collapsed under a basement table.

Source: @dcfireems/Twitter

The dog was brought out by the firefighters and they ran to give emergency medical aid to the unconscious dog.

The dog finally opened his eyes after receiving medical aid for several minutes and everyone was relieved.

The pooches were sent to the vet to get treated for their smoke-inhalation related injuries.

The 6th dogs now are said to be doing fine also none of the firefighters got injured due to the rescue, the cause of fire is still unknown the firefighters said the consequences could have been tragic if the blaze had happened at night.

Source: @dcfireems/Twitter

We are so happy that everyone got safe and sound.