Grandfather asks vet to put his dog down because he doesn’t want her anymore

For a lot of pet owners, having to put their poor furry friends down is heartbreaking to them, but there are some cruel owners as well that want to put animals down simply because they don’t want them anymore.

Euthanasia is a process that should be done only when an animal is terminally ill, and performing the process will help the animals to end their suffering.

Grandfather asks vet to put his dog down because he doesn't want ...

Even shelters do everything possible to avoid putting poor animals down.

So having some people wanting to put down their perfectly healthy animals is really shocking, and with the bizarre reason that they simply don’t want to take care of those pets anymore.

A sweet old dog was going through a similar heartbreaking reality, but fortunately a kind rescue saved her.

Melissa is a woman that runs the Old Dog Home animal rescue, from her home in Conyers, Georgia. The rescue mission is to save and rehome senior dogs, to give them chances that they usually don’t get because of their old age.

“They are remarkably resilient and forgiving, and they deserve to have a chance at a Forever Family just as much as any younger dog does,” Melissa shared on Facebook post.

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In the past year she saved 25 dogs, which for a small self-operated animal rescue is quite a lot.

She has dogs coming in and out of her home, and you would think that doing this job for years she has seen everything, yet a recent story made her emotional and sad.

Melissa received an urgent call on November 25, from the shelter’s veterinary partners.

They informed Melissa about a family that was asking to perform euthanasia on their healthy dog, because they didn’t want her anymore.

Melissa wrote that the poor dog was “incredibly sweet and seemed to be in decent health,” so the vets refused to accept the family request, so they hoped that Melissa would accept to take the dog in.

This wasn’t an easy favor, because the rescue was overwhelmed, between a full house and upcoming medical treatments, and not to mention the holidays, Melissa says.

But if she doesn’t agree to rescue her, the poor animal would be put down, so she went out to check the dog.

Dog was around 10-12 years old, female and very dainty.

She was having minor health issues that were all treatable, the dog had a yeast infection and was filthy because obviously no one took care of her.

Melissa talked with the man who asked to get the dog euthanized, it turns out the poor animal has been passed around to different families after the original owner passed away, and this family just didn’t care to keep her in, they didn’t even know the basic information about the canine health.

“We just don’t want her anymore,” the man reported.

Even the young granddaughter didn’t care at all: “We just don’t really like her. We like our other dogs better.”

But for Melissa the dog had still plenty to give, he wasn’t just an old dog that deserves to be abandoned, the cute dog kept wagging her tail even when she was going through a terrible situation.

“She’s scared and confused and has no idea what’s happening,” reported Melissa “She’s been shuffled around again, like a tacky gift no one wanted in the first place.”

“I’ve wrapped her in blankets and held her and snuggled her. She relaxed a little. She started to snore. I whispered to her and promised her that from now on, she will always be loved and wanted, no matter what.”

When the dog now renamed Holly is better mentaly and physically they will find her a forever home.