Homeless Dog Terrified Of Humans Recovers In Best Possible Way

Toi Crawford contacted Hope for Paws and informed them about a scared dog that was living by the side of a freeway in Los Angeles.

Hope For Paws

The Chihuahua was inside a fence area and that protected her for not walking by the dangerous road, but still was a large area to cover for the rescuers.

“Barbie was so scared of humans and she wouldn’t allow anyone near her,” Eldad Hagar wrote of the dog. 

That included Toi, despite the fact that she had been feeding the dog for one week.

Hope For Paws

Loreta, Eldad and Toi came up with an idea to corral the dog with nets and for Eldad to try and ensnare her – but Eldad didn’t have much hope of catching her with his snare, given her small size. 

But there was luck on their side.

They managed to catch her with the net and Barbie was finally safe.

After they got the dog and put him into their car they washed her over since she was covered in fleas they also sent her for a health check up.

Soon after, she went to Smooch Pooch Rescue and her change will surprise you.