Leopard Freezes After Falling Into Well, Looks Up & Sees People Staring At Him

In the remote Sonaighuli village in India, residents were greeted with a surprise when they noticed a leopard staring back at them from the bottom of an open well.

Source: uzoo/Rumble

The animal apparently was wandering around looking for water and slipped into the well accidentally.

The residents went into a panic state when they saw the leopard for the first time, but they calmed down eventually and approached the animal in order to help it.

They cut down a huge banana tree trunk and then placed it in the well so the leopard can climb up.

But despite the ingenious idea, the animal was unable to scale the slippery trunk.

Source: uzoo/Rumble

After 8 long hours of struggling, the villagers knew that time was running out for the poor animal and he was getting weaker by the minute.

So one of the locals finally reached out to the forest rangers in the city and alerted them about the tough situation.

Some of the officers came to the village soon to rescue the distressed leopard.

In the footage we see a brave officer climb down the well to grab the leopard.

Source: uzoo/Rumble

The officer brings the creature to safety in an expert manner and also releases him back into the wild after a quick health assessment.

Thankful to the villagers that tried to help the animal and didn’t just ignore it.