Man In Stolen Car Lures Woman’s Pup From Her Front Yard in Broad Daylight

Five months ago a family from Minneapolis, Minnesota brought a sweet Pit Bull into their lives, but what was supposed to be a time of joy and happiness had turned into a nightmare for the poor family.

Source: WCCO

Jessica Fivecoat reports that their precious puppy named Luna was out playing in the family’s yard when the ordeal happened.

The surveillance camera of a neighbouring captured the moment when Luna got lured by a man that had with him some kind of dog treat.

When the puppy got near him he took her inside and drove away in a red Mini Cooper vehicle, which was reported to be stolen as well.

Source: WCCO

“They just took my kid as what it felt like,” Jessica said.

She feels so violated since the pooch became a member of their family.

She searched and spoke with her neighbours in the area and found out this is not the first time a dog was stolen around there.

“When people put out rewards, then they get the dogs back,” Jessica stated.

Source: WCCO

The woman is offering a reward to get her sweet Luna back safe, we hope they will get reunited soon.