Man Receives a Hug for His Heroic Effort after Pulling Drowning Dog from Canal

There are some people that just want to end things and go through their work just to finish things for the sake of it, and then we have those that always look for opportunities to do their best and help the community even when that is not their job.

Said Zarate is not an ordinary man, he is a trash collector from Mexico with a heart of gold, and he was turned into a hero by his recent actions when he helped one helpless dog from drowning.

While he and his colleagues were working they noticed the poor animal was trapped in the canal and was having difficulties staying afloat.

The kind man didn’t even think twice but jumped off the truck and rushed to save the dog.

The man got close enough he managed to grab the dog and pull him to safety, and the thank you that the pooch gave him melted the hearts of all those who saw the video of the rescue.

The sweet dog jumped right into Said’s arms and gave him a hug and then ran off.

The owner of the dog called Said and thanked him after seeing the video.

We need more people like Said in our society.