Man Rescues Pup In Distress Who Was Left In 131-Degree Car, Owner Stopped

In California a good samaritan walked by a parked car and suddenly heard a yelping from the inside.

Man Rescues Pup In Distress Who Was Left In 131-Degree Car, Owner ...
Riverside County Sheriff’s Department/Facebook

When he got near and looked inside he noticed a little dog inside the car, the temperature outside was 99 degrees outside so he knew inside the car it would be way hotter and he wouldn’t be able to survive for much longer.

The poor canine was so distressed and barely breathing so the man rescued the animal and gave him medical attention while he contacted the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

When deputies came to the scene they put the dog named Boomer inside their car with air conditioning and then they used their temperature gauge to see what the temperature was inside in the car.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department/Facebook

Seeing that inside the car temperature when the pooch was 131 degrees they were shocked.

Luckily the owner of Boomer was identified and charged for animal cruelty.

Sweet Boomer was taken in by Ramona Humane Society to receive further care.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department wrote to Facebook to remind pet owners that animals can never be left alone in a car, even for a moment.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department/Facebook

“Temperatures inside a closed vehicle can reach more than 120 degrees F within minutes, even with the windows partly opened on a cloudy day,” they wrote. “Exposure to such high temperatures can quickly kill a person or pet. A body temperature of just 107 degrees F may cause brain damage or death from heatstroke.”

Please take care.