Pit Bull Doesn’t Like Her Dad Coming Home Late And Gives Him An “Earful”

Amongst the dog breeds poor pit bulls are the ones that always get judged as aggressive and bad ones, but instead they are just dogs that need and give love.

Pit bull is mad when dad comes home late, shows his displeasure by ...

Let us introduce you to Roxy, the kindest and sweetest pit bull that all she wants is cuddles and play time oh and she loves her human dad so much.

She gets really disappointed when her dad comes home late from work, like she has been waiting all day to play with him but now he comes late, nope sir she wont take that.

When her human dad asks sweet Roxy hlw her day went she gives him an earful in dog language:

“Why are you home so late dad? I wanted to play and cuddle but you were late, why?”

Dog Doesn't Like Dad Coming Home Late, Makes Him Hear All About It ...

Then her human dad asks her an interesting question: “Did you miss me Roxy?”

Which she responded: “Dad of course I did”.

Dogs are pack animals and we are their pack, if you stay long at work your dog will be really affected for being left alone for a long time, if you have to work too much hire a dog walker that i’m sure will also give your pet a lot of love and a lot of cuddles.

Dogs definitely make our life better.