Pit Bull Who Wouldn’t Fight Back in the Ring Gets the Hug She’s Been Longing For

Being an animal rescuer takes a heart of gold and a lot of kindness, just like Viktor Larkhil that never refused a dog no matter what.

Bit Bull Who Wouldn't Fight Back in the Ring Gets the Hug She's ...
Source: Betsy’s Story, Viktor Larkhill

Betsy is the sweetest dog out there, sadly her previous owner never cared about her. They just wanted to turn her into a fighting pitbull to compete with other dogs, but sweet Batsy is not the kind of dog that loved fighting so she ended up being a bait dog.

When she got rescued her body was full of injuries and no one was sure if she would make it or not.

But sweet pooch was a fighter for good life, even though it took eighth surgeries and many months for her to start feeling better she endured everything like a true hero.

Source: Betsy’s Story, Viktor Larkhill

She is so positive that she even trusts humans after everything she went through.

The courage and positive attitude of Betsy inspired a lot of people, and soon as she started feeling better a loving family wanted to adopt her.

The sweet canine now lives a happy life with a family that showers her with love, her human siblings refuse to go anywhere without her and her dog sibling gives her company.

Source: Betsy’s Story, Viktor Larkhill

This story is an inspiration for how we should never give up and always fight because rain will stop at some points and the sun will rise.