Police Officer Uses Kayak To Save Dog From Drowning In Muddy Pond

Dogs are so funny and energetic but from time to time they find themselves in tough spots just like Akela.


Akela is a sweet boxer mastiff mix who almost got hit by a car, she managed to do a narrow escape but as she fled from the road she ended up getting stuck in the nearby pond instead.

The poor dog tried to swim but couldn’t make it out of the muddy water.

Having no way out the poor dog was stuck treading the water and hoping that someone will come to rescue her.

Fortunately the help arrived soon.


A local resident noticed the dog who escaped from the car to get herself tangled on the pond.

The good samaritan was concerned and called for help, the Washington Township Police Department soon arrived at the scene.

When the police arrived they noticed the poor dog treading the water and having difficulties to keep her head high.

John Kuligowski, one of the officers, borrowed a kayak and used it for the rescue mission.

Kuligowski paddled up to the dog and then, after trying and failing to get her into the kayak, he settled for getting Akela unstuck and leading her back to shore.

The dog looked fine; she didn’t seem to have any injuries and was happy when she got to the ground.

Now the kind officers are trying to find Akela’s family and make her even more happier.

The post was written and posted by Washington Township Police Department on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

We are so happy that Akela is safe and sound.

Youtube : NJ.com