Robbers break into a house to kidnap the baby, but regrets after confronting the two pit bulls of family

Often we see people do crazy things and we are just shocked because of their actions. Sometimes they act out of their minds.

This is one of those stories where you just wish people would be kinder and more responsible for their actions.

It was a causal Tuesday morning when Nayeli Garzon-Jimenez and Adolfo Angeles-Morales were talking on the phone and that exact time somebody broke in the house.

It was Nayeli when she heard a sound in the kitchen, while Adolfo was listening everything through the phone.

When Adolfo was informed what was happening, he suggested his wife check the door and try to identify the intruders.

The two robbers, a man, and a woman got inside and Nayeli was really frightened because she had her baby too.

What robbers wanted was money, and requested that to Nayeli. Even though she coudn’t speak English, she understood that they wanted money, but the point was that she had no money at all.

When robbers saw she was not giving money to them, they threatened her by getting her baby. So they did. The woman robber grabbed the little baby from Nayeli’s arms.

Nayeli fought with the woman who got her baby, but unfortunately did not succeed because was hit with a gun from the other man.

What a shame!

What’s more, the woman tried to escape with the baby, but exactly at the doors was surprised by one of the pit bulls dogs of family.

Pitbull didn’t let her escape, he chased the woman with the baby until she got back inside. She tried the other back door, but there was also the other pit bull of the family.

She was let by no choice rather than to give the baby back to Nayeli. And, so she did.

Adolf was so happy that his wife and his baby were fine.

Nayeli and their baby were sent to hospital to check surely if they were all right. Besides some minor cuts and bruises, Nayeli was fine and also her baby. They were taken back home safely, and all this thanks to their dogs.

This is why all heroes aren’t two-legged, but four-legged…one more reason to love dogs.

The protection we get from dogs is special, and this is why we are thankful they are part of our lives.