Senior Citizen Asks Roommate To Walk His Dog, Man Gives Pooch Away To Stranger

A sad ordeal has taken place recently when a man from San Francisco, California asked his roommate to take his dog out for a walk.

Senior Citizen Asks Roommate To Walk His Dog, Man Gives Pooch Away ...

According to the dog owner’s words , a kind 82 year old senior citizen, his roommate returned home later on but there was no dog with him.

54-year-old Jeffery McChesney is the roommate that is believed to have given the pooch to a third party.

The canine is a 4-1/2-year-old German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix named Koa.

Source: KRON4

The owner filed a report with the San Francisco Police Department.

Later the Police arrested McChesney charging him with suspicion of dog theft and elder abuse, theft, or embezzlement.

Sweet Koa weighs about 100 pounds, has extra toes on his back paws, and still haven’t been found.

According to authorities there is a high chance that the dog is with a petite woman with short buzzed hair, the woman is believed to be homeless in the area of Stow Lake.

Source: Malik Sy/Unsplash

If anyone has any information about the soft or they have seen her anywhere please immediately contact the San Francisco Police Department’s tip line at 415-575-444 Callers can remain anonymous if they want too.

Please let’s help that poor old man find his best friend.