Stray Cat Goes To Store Everyday To Convince People To Buy Him Treats, Until A Caring Human Comes To Adopt Him

Around the world are millions of homeless cats that are left to fend for themselves, and some of them face difficulties to keep themselves alive.

A clever feline, recently positioned itself outside a Mexico supermarket waiting for a suitable mark.

The cat found its perfect target in Tania Sants, that was on her way to do a bit of shopping when her eyes fell on the sweet kitty waiting outside the shop.

Sants couldn’t help herself and petted the sweet cat but soon realized the kitten was interested to lead her somewhere, the cat went inside the store to the cat food section asking for a treat and the kind woman couldn’t say no.

Tania Sants

Sants expected to see the cat outside the store on her next trip there but no, but when she entered the store she found the smart feline waiting for her at the cat food section.

The woman got curious and asked the staff about the kitten, and staff answered that the cat had made it a habit to come in every day and convince customers to buy him treats, before disappearing again.

Tania Sants

Sants got worried about the cats wellbeing so she one day bought him the treat and then followed him to investigate whether he was a stray or not and sadly he was.

The poor animal was a stray without family and home but that was about to change because Sants decided to adopt him and give him all the love he needs.

Tania Sants

The cat is now living his best life, now he is named Conejo, and has his own  Instagram account, which boasts over 20,000 followers.

Tania Sants

Wow what a story.