Stray Kitten Approaches Man In Parking Lot And ‘Begs’ To Be Adopted

In order to change your luck you have to be bold, just like the kitten in this story.

Stray Kitten Approaches Man In Parking Lot And 'Begs' To Be Adopted
Jason Belisha

A little stray kitten decided to take care of her fate, his life changed forever when she approached Jason Belisha and begged him for adoption.

While walking across a parking lot in Decatur, Georgia the man suddenly heard a pleading meow.

The tiny cat was hiding under a vehicle and when the man got down to investigate the sound the sweet feline came out to greet him.

Jason Belisha

Even though a stray the animal wasn’t scared of Jason instead approached him and started to rub against him.

The man petted the cat for some time and then continued on his road, but the feline was stubborn and started to follow him.

The feline continued to go after him and meowed all the time, Jason then knew the cat wanted something from him.

The poor animal was wet and Jason knew the cat was all alone in the scary world.

Jason Belisha

So the man unable to leave the animal outside took it in his car and sent it to a shelter hoping the cat already has an owner or the shelter will keep him.

He sent it to the shelter but unfortunately they didn’t find any owner and were incapable of taking the poor animal in.

Jason knew he couldn’t leave the cat on the streets and took it home even though his current life situation made it impossible for him to adopt the cat.

“He was naturally super friendly and sweet,” Jason said in an interview with  Love Meow and said that the kitten even made friends with his pup.

The cat stayed with Jason one week and then he arranged a friend to adopt the little feline.

Jason Belisha

Everything ended perfectly and now the kitten has an owner that loves him all this thanks to the kind stranger that took him inside the car.