Young Boy Goes To The Shelter And Picks The Oldest Dog As His New Best Friend

Senior shelter dogs are usually the ones facing most difficulties in getting adopted since people are more interested in adopting little puppies, so usually the senior pooches get overlooked.

Young Boy Goes To The Shelter And Picks The Oldest Dog As His New ...
Animal Rescue Leauge of Iowa

Shey is a 14 year old senior dog, he is half blind, deaf and mostly toothless.

The sweet canine ended up at Animal Rescue League of Iowa  since his family decided not to bring him with him when they moved, and for several months, the poor dog waited and waited hoping that a new family would adopt him.

When he was dropped out at the shelter he was in pretty bad shape, apart from his hearing and seeing problems the dog also had a dental disease that had gone untreated for a long time.

All his teeth were rotten and they had to be removed, seeing all his problems chances of adoption were pretty low.

Animal Rescue Leauge of Iowa

The poor animal watched for 4 months as all other puppies got adopted and he kept being overlooked all the time.

Shay had so much love to give but no one was taking a chance on him, that is until a young boy walked into the shelter one day.

A young boy named Tristan came inside the shelter with his mom and they were looking for a small dog to adopt.

The staff at the shelter knew that Shay might be the right fit for the boy so eagerly introduced them.

Animal Rescue Leauge of Iowa

As soon as they saw each other it was clear they were meant for each other.

“Shey was very comfortable with Tristan from the beginning,” a representative of the shelter told The Dodo.

When the shelter explained to the boy about the canine condition he wasn’t discouraged at all, instead he listened carefully and made a lot of questions to understand things better.

Heather Reese

While a lot of people would see Shay as a lot of work Tristan saw it as a great dog to have near.

Now the duo are inseparable and give each other a lot of love, we definitely need more people like Tristan.